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    The world according to young writers

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    FINALLY!!!!!! Willow Smith premieres her hit single "Whip My Hair!" The video was supposed to premiere tonite on BET's 106th and Park and the music video internet giant VEVO, but we got it early!

    willow smith, whip my hair video, willow smith whip my hair premiere

    Super excited to see how a cute 9 year old whips her hair! So since we no longer have to wait until this evening to see how Willow whips it, here she is! The adorable 9 year old rocks wild colorful hair, glam costumes, of course whips her hair real good!


    Category: Events | Views: 12775 | Added by: rocta | Date: 2010-10-18 | Comments (15)

    Category: Events | Views: 3816 | Added by: rocta | Date: 2010-05-15 | Comments (0)

    Category: Events | Views: 3060 | Added by: rocta | Date: 2010-04-05 | Comments (0)

                                        Message For The New Decade

    At the dawn of a new decade, we have arrived at a moment unlike any other in the history of our beautiful nation. We have endured the brutality of slavery, we have survived the pain of Jim Crow and we have overcome segregation to declare our dignity and equal rights. We witnessed and participated in one of the greatest achievements in the history of our country when we elected our fir ... Read more »

    Category: Politics commentry | Views: 2445 | Added by: rocta | Date: 2010-01-02 | Comments (1)

    Today we lost another young, talented, black man. Like so many men and women in this world, Chris Henry had seen his share of trouble and adversity...and ... Read more »
    Category: Hot spots | Views: 2166 | Added by: rocta | Date: 2009-12-19 | Comments (0)

    Charlie Last Name Wilson Says: Get Your Prostate Checked.

    In the midst of a career comeback, Charlie Wilson, famed Gap Band frontman, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He battled back and is now a spokesperson for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Sitting down with Mark Anthony Neal of NewBlackMan, he discussed his experience and what men need to do with regard to prostate health:

    "NBM: I read some information that said that before the age of 40, most men have a 1-in-10,000 chance of being diagnosed with Prostate cancer, but that that numbers increase t ... Read more »

    Category: Politics commentry | Views: 2305 | Added by: rocta | Date: 2009-11-16 | Comments (0)

    Ambitions and Horizones
    Different people have different levels of Ambition.Ask one person where they want to end up and the'll tell you they want to be the head of Microsoft.Ask another one and the'll tell you they want to be an Office orderly or a cook.Now before you frown at my rather sharp comparison,I want you to get acquainted with the fact that a person can only be ambitious to the limits the've been exposed to.A person's idea of success is usually linked to someone they look up to.If the most succesful person you know owns a Toyota,it's only natural that you'll tie the words " Toyota" and "Success" together.That is as far as you ... Read more »
    Category: Hot spots | Views: 2239 | Added by: rocta | Date: 2009-09-12 | Comments (0)

    Jena 6 Teen Gets Chance to Turn It Around


    Being accused of attemped murder has a funny way of turning someone's life around. In Jesse Ray Beard's case, one of the teens ... Read more »

    Category: Hot spots | Views: 2874 | Added by: rocta | Date: 2009-08-27 | Comments (0)

    Black Don't Crack? Think Again.

    Why black people shouldn’t depend on melanin for skin cancer immunity.

    I went to see the dermatologist to have a “mole” on my face checked. No big deal; I’d had it a long time. But over the past six months it had changed a bit, so after ... Read more »

    Category: Hot spots | Views: 5645 | Added by: rocta | Date: 2009-08-11 | Comments (1)

    Contemporary Gospel MusicMercy Ngosa

      Ok so what is gospel music to begin with? Well am glad you asked. The definition of gospel is good news. So if this is gospel music, then what is this good news music we so love to talk about. Am sure a lot of people would agree with me that music has the power to transform you from that lonely state and those estranged feeling ... Read more »

    Category: Hot spots | Views: 2077 | Added by: rocta | Date: 2009-07-28 | Comments (1)